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1039 61st Street, Oakland

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Sold $940,000 SOLD (List Price: $799,000) - Single Family Home
900 Square Feet2 Bedrooms1 Bathroom Print this page

Beneath a shade sail, a kayu batu hardwood deck in the back garden runs nearly the width of the house, large enough to entertain friends and family. In front of the deck is a patio of paving stones, and at the back of the yard, a second patio is shaded by lush grapevines growing over a charming pergola – an ideal spot for a barbecue or elegant al fresco cocktail party. The yard also boasts raised wood planting beds filled with decorative shrubs lining the deck and patio areas as well as persimmon, fig, and lemon trees.

The home is situated in the vibrant urban NOBE neighborhood, which lies at the intersection of North Oakland, Berkeley, and Emeryville. This rich and burgeoning pocket of the East Bay is also one of the most central, offering easy access to Temescal and Rockridge, Downtown Oakland and Berkeley, and the East Bay’s beloved parks and open spaces. For commuters, transportation options include the San Francisco Transbay bus, Macarthur and Ashby BART stations, the Emery-Go-Round, and buses to Downtown Oakland and Downtown Berkeley.

Additional Highlights:
Xfinity security system available
Smart light switches
Window coverings
Updated wiring
Updated plumbing
Sonic fiber internet
Additional insulation
Storage shed
Off-street tandem parking