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Why did the Andrew David Group just become the Gunderman Group?

Hello, Friends! We fear there’s been some confusion of late, so we want to leap to two points of clarification:

1. We ARE still with Alain Pinel Realtors! We are proud to be the second-most productive team in their a billion-dollar-a-month luxury real-estate empire and are inordinately grateful for the support they provide us and our clients! Our last e-blast was meant to announce and familiarize our friends and colleagues to our TEAM dynamic – more on that later!

2. WHY the name change from AndrewAndDavid.com to TheGundermanGroup.com? The long and short of it: the Department of Real Estate (arbitrarily, in our opinion!) decided that teams canNOT be identified by their first names and need to include a last name. Even if you file a fictitious business name and attach your DRE license number to everything you do, first names are OUT! You can literally call yourselves the ‘Hot Waffles Group’ with a fictitious business name — but first names are a violation. First names would ostensibly increase concerns that you might be difficult to track for the consumer. So after 18 years of being Andrew and David, we have been forced to rebrand by the people to whom we pay monster dues. Bitter? Slightly!

Despite rumors that Andrew is retiring or that our union is somehow in trouble, it all boiled down to the fact that ‘Raskopf’ is hard to spell! We did look into legally changing Andrew’s last name to David, but decided that was absurd. Imagine someone addressing a wedding invitation to Andrew and David David. It’s just ugly.

THUS the birth of The Gunderman Group, with team leads Andrew Raskopf-Gunderman and David Gunderman!